I find myself thinking a lot while I’m at work. What I do doesn’t require a lot of focus, so my mind can wander about as it so desires. I spend a good bit of time thinking about my wife and son and trying to figure out what I could do to make my financial situation more stable while getting more time with them. My son has a hard time letting me leave for work in the morning, so the first thought of my workday is usually ‘I wish I could just stay home with him’.

Being a resident of Colorado (my family moved here in 1990, I am not a legal-weed-transplant) my thoughts often wander to specialized local botany. There are so many people jumping on the pot bandwagon, but there seems to be no end of demand, so yes, I have considered the industry. Growing is not the only aspect I have considered, although the first aspect was one I turned down an opportunity for. While I miss my military days, securing marijuana processing facilities as a contract security operator just doesn’t seem all that appealing right now. I can’t just up and leave a job I just started to take a chance on a job that could potentially take away more of my family time and bring a heap of new risks to my well-being. Some time ago I considered the idea of opening a dispensary, but I honestly don’t like people enough for that.

Science appeals to me, and botany is a form of science. Nurturing plants so that they grow and produce “fruit” to their full potential is an interesting challenge. Getting a license to grow in Colorado is, apparently, not too difficult or expensive. The biggest challenge is finding space and, the most difficult part of any endeavour, the funding. Starting up a hydroponics facility is not cheap. Neither is the initial purchase of high-quality seeds to grow product from. Financing is likely the biggest roadblock for people looking to start their own business. That, and coming up with a functional business plan. I’m lucky enough to have a friend who can help with the latter. He’s sharp minded and good at being overly analytical, which is incredibly helpful when developing a business plan. I know several people who know the ins and outs of raising the plants in question and how to make the most of a small crop. This may not be as hard as I thought.

Marijuana is a huge industry here in Colorado. It has supplied the state with a massive tax surplus and, while other states are following suit and the tax revenue here may drop, I am not too concerned by the effects of legalization elsewhere. We still have great skiing and hiking and sightseeing. The industry to chase here is the happy grass. I think it may just be my ticket to a better financial future and more time with my family.

Hey, a man can dream, right?

Photo credit goes to my wife for the picture of me and my son

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