Politics suck. We’re all tired of hearing about how great or not great the new president is. I know we are, because I’m pretty sure everyone I actually talk to face to face with words from my mouth has said as much. He has selected people who, even in a worst case scenario, are the last people anyone would want to do the jobs they’ve been assigned. He’s making laws and legislation that is awful. He’s unpleasant to look at, listen to, or think about. I get it. I wasn’t that big a fan of the last president either, though. Fortunately, I never really heard much about him or the things he was doing. The amount of energy being put into the president and the dumb/bad/evil (pick one, I don’t care) things he is doing is mind numbing. It’s so bad he almost doesn’t need to do a media blackout because I’m tired of hearing, seeing, reading, and listening to all the news about him. He’s like the obnoxious child that is standing in the middle of the living room at Thanksgiving screaming so everyone will pay attention to him. He’s got everyone’s attention and now he’s doing everything he can to keep it. I’m tired of paying attention. I’ve decided to go back to what I was doing when Obama was our CiC. If anything earth-shattering happens, I will give a shit. Until then, I’m going to keep doing things exactly the same way I always have. If my friends want support bashing the president or marching for their rights, or whatever, they can look elsewhere. It’s not that I don’t care about them or their thoughts and feelings and beliefs and rights, it’s that I just don’t have the energy to sink into this. I will sign petitions. I will put my name on auto-generated letters to congress. I will fight through legislation and due process for the things that matter, just like I always have. I will not, however, waste any more time and energy doing things that are of no benefit. I will not argue with anyone over their feelings of right and wrong because at this point, I don’t expect to sway anyone’s opinion. I will not get wrapped up in a debate about policy that I can’t change. It’s a waste of my energy and a waste of my mind. If at any time we find ourselves facing a righteous revolution, not the “we didn’t get our way, let’s revolt by having a sit-in” type of revolution, let me know. Until then, I just want to live my life without politics being shoved down my throat all day every day.

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