Writing stories with monsters is fun. The common monsters have such varied mythology when it comes to strengths and weaknesses that it can be mind numbing. The first time I was exposed to the idea that vampires are affected by silver was when I watched the first Blade movie some time in the late 90s. I liked the notion as it gave them a weakness to modern firearms. While I have found during my research that silver bullets are incredibly difficult to cast and don’t have the energy transfer necessary to be particularly lethal, I still like the idea that silver can have an impact on a vampire’s wellbeing. Some people are absolutely adamant that vampires couldn’t possible have a weakness to silver as it is supposed to be used against their mortal enemies, the werewolves. It’s all mythology, so I say why the hell not? Vampires as we have come to know them through Hollywood don’t actually exist and the ways they can be killed are as rooted in reality as the concept of the creatures themselves. I’ve looked at this particular aspect of the story quite a bit since I am certain that some vampire fan somewhere will condemn my writing for going this route.

The approach I’ve chosen to use is a blend of concepts from Blade and Constantine. Any old silver won’t work. The silver has to be from some sort of holy or blessed emblem or relic. A silver cross or pentacle for example. I’ve gone completely non-denominational with my story. There are Catholics, Jews, and Pagans all working to accomplish the same goal. Honestly, I think that may be more mythological than the monsters, but hey, it plays well into the story. The silver does not need to be taken from a church, but simply needs to be blessed by a true agent of God or the Heavenly Order. As the main character is an agent of the heavenly order he can bless anything he needs to in order to weaponize it.

The concept may seem a little loose to some people, but the big thing to keep in mind is the creative license that a writer can take. While die-hard vampire fans may hate it, it is my story, my choice of mythology, and my approach. I’m sure someone will still throw a fit because of it, but if they don’t want to enjoy the story, then there is little hope for me to change their mind.

These are concerns I have as I write. Welcome to the overly analytical part of my brain that keeps me from making any substantial progress with my work.

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